Welcome to PEAK Community Seminars

Welcome to PEAK Community Seminars

Welcome to PEAK Community SeminarsWelcome to PEAK Community SeminarsWelcome to PEAK Community Seminars

We are Professionals and Experts Advancing Knowledge through community-based seminars

A Massachusetts Non-Profit Company

About Us

Learn New Things


PEAK puts experts and the public together in the perfect setting for knowledge-sharing.

PEAK lowers barriers to understand complex topics and provides convenient, free points of entry for people who want to be better informed in a subject matter that is essential to everyday life, without the pressure of a one on one appointment with a professional. 

We address relevant topics in law, finance, health, science, economics, vocations, and hobbies. 

Our Instructors


The instructors who share their knowledge through PEAK Community Seminars are a generous and talented group of people. The fact is, knowledgeable professionals and experts are willing to share practical knowledge in any way that will advance individual well-being and health of their communities. All we have to do is ask them. 

We welcome your input on what interests you, so our program directors can put together the perfect local panel to address the topic.

How we Began


PEAK Community Seminars began as a resource for residents of your community who do not yet have a local professional to turn to in the legal, financial, tax, and insurance fields, and may not want to attend high-pressure commercialized workshops. 

Founded by lawyers with insatiable curiosity, we believe there are no limits to the range of interesting, practical topics at the intersection of law and society in America. 

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