PEAK Seminars - Estate Planning


Protecting and Preserving your Vacation Home

Got a valuable second home? This is for you. How are you protecting it from liabilities when you are there, and when you’re not. Do you want to pass it down? How should you do that. This seminar will help you write a purpose statement for your special spot, and begin the process of planning its future.

Tim Borchers, Esq. presenting, with a local panel of experts 

Trusts in Estate Planning

The Power, Purpose and Promise of this Important Estate Planning Tool

3-part Series:

  • The Use of Trusts in Estate Planning
    What’s all the Buzz about Saving Taxes and Probate and Protecting your Stuff? Especially helpful to high net worth individuals of any age, anyone over age 70, and folks who want to do the best job they can in putting their affairs in order.

    Marc Cusano, Esq. presenting, with a local panel of experts

  • Running your Trust
    You’ve got one. What does this thing your attorney wrote for you several years ago mean? What are you supposed to do with it now, while you're alive?  Important to any person who has a trust and to the child or trustee of a person with a trust.

    Marc Cusano, Esq. or Tim Borchers, Esq. presenting with a local panel of experts

  • Administering a Trust after the Death of Loved One
    What should you and the next trustee in line know about settling the estate and trust?  This is critical to understanding what you need to do now (if the time has come) or soon, or some day, as the case may be.

    Tim Borchers, Esq. presenting with a local panel of experts

Tax Law Update

All about the hot topics for the current year in income and estate and gift tax law. For the intellectually curious, those who do their own taxes, and those who are trying to plan for tax liabilities and how to minimize them.

Marc Cusano, Esq. or Tim Borchers, Esq. presenting with a local panel of experts from the tax and legal fields

Parents: Your Young Adult Children are Free Agents

Are you legally able to help your children with crises once they attain 18?  This is a workshop designed to help recent high school graduates in particular get on track with their first legal documents - the most important ones we all need if we get sick, are injured, or away from home and can’t sign for ourselves on something important.

Marc Cusano, Esq. or Tim Borchers, Esq. presenting with a local panel of experts from insurance, education, or health

PEAK Seminars - Elder Law


Transitioning from your Home to a Senior Community

For people contemplating the leap from home ownership to senior community residency. we will cover the legal, tax, estate, and practical aspects of this important move. 

Tim Borchers, Esq. presenting, with a local panel of experts

End of Life Decision-Making

Proxies, Directives, DNR, MOLST and Much More. Understanding aging and the effects of declining health on decision-making and the financial and legal tools to cope. Is this your situation or that of someone you love? How is aging affecting your ability to make medical choices, and to take care of your legal and financial affairs?

Marc Cusano, Esq. or Tim Borchers, Esq. presenting with a local panel of experts from the health and insurance fields

My Legacy isn’t the Same as Your Legacy

A workshop on writing your personal legacy. A will is a personal document, yet they all read pretty much the same. What if you could make a Legacy Will, a love note to your family and friends about what is important to you. Connect it to your Last Will if you want to give it teeth with legal and financial meaning.

Local Panel

The Facts about Long Term Care Insurance and its Alternatives

What is long term care? it’s the care you need at home, in senior living, or in a nursing home, and its expensive. It’s hard on relationships, it’s hard on your loved ones, the caregivers, and your purse. What are the insurance options? (There are many.) What does the government do for us? How does the Medicare and Medicaid system work for care at home, in a facility, and what does it take to qualify? What’s the “Five year lookback”? How does a trust help you avoid having to spend all of your assets? What if the crisis is upon you? These and more questions will be answered. 

Local panel

Elder Law for Seniors in Massachusetts

Supported by the Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA), with MBA handouts on Elder Law. For seniors and their families.

Marc Cusano, Esq. or Tim Borchers, Esq. presenting 

PEAK Seminars - Finance


Business Succession Planning

Is your business ready to pass down to the senior management, family, or to sell? What are the myriad of considerations? Where do you begin to make this happen? A workshop for business owners and their families and associates.

Local panel

Running a Political Campaign

Thinking of running for office? Campaign finance, organization, and keeping all noses clean 

Local panel

PEAK Seminars - Young Adults


Coming of Age Workshops

These workshops are for 18+ year olds and their parents or guardians. The topics covered include the financial, legal and citizenship obligations of being an adult in Massachusetts, as well as legal documents parents should have in place to continue to be an advocate for their child after turning 18 (forms like health information releases, Power of Attorney and a Health Care Proxy). 

There is an opportunity to sign the forms for those who are prepared to do so. You need to be 18 to sign. Notaries and witnesses are present to formalize the forms at no charge. 

Local panel

Coming of Age Documents

No individualized legal advice are provided at the workshop. Please seek legal advice if you have questions about these forms.

POA & Instructions (pdf)


HIPAA & Instructions (pdf)


HCP & Instructions (pdf)


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